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What does "furniture-less package" mean?
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Usually each escape room package
can be divided in 2 categories:
Usually each escape room package can be divided in 2 categories:

- Game items (those created specifically for the game and participating in the gameflow). This includes specific furniture hand-crafted for the game and the furniture, which heavily particiapes in game process (has secret compartments and/or maglock installed)

- Non-game items (which help immersion, create the believable atmosphere etc, but are not crucial for the game flow)

Some of the themes (usually the more expensive ones) don't have the generic furniture at all - secret temple hidden in the jungle of Eldorado or dean's office in a School of Magic can't be equipped with things from the garage sale.
Though some themes take place in more common environments - like Ghost House or Sherlock Holmes. They still require throughful approach to furniture choice, but can be completed with generic off-the-shelf furniture pieces.
Pro-tip: So if you are after the second type of escape room - you can save some money finding the necessary furniture pieces locally. For some locations (let's say Australia) this can also help save significant amounts on shipping.
Furniture-less packages are the most affordable option, which can be the best fit for those, who seek to invest more time and less money. The general idea of this offer is to exclude everything, that you can find locally and minimize shipping costs.
Let's take the Haunted Toystore escape room
as an example:

- These items are essential for the game flow, so they are included in furniture-less package anyway
- These items can be purchased locally if you choose the furniture-less offer
It's always a good idea to get all the pieces from one supplier, but there is also a certain fun to play a role of interior designer yourself (especially if time is not a pressuring factor, so why not?

Choose which option is the best fit for you and let's create something great together!

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