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Portable Escape Games

Perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, exhibitions and escape room lobbies. Portable escape games can engage up to 80 players in one conference room, split into groups of 6-8.

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NEW portable escape game
Your favorite circus-themed escape room comes out of the box. Sword swallowers, jugglers, masters of divination and ventriloquism (what a word!) are all here ready to impress.

Solve the puzzles to get their equipment, stolen by a weirdo clown, and set up the greatest show in the city!
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"Circus in a box" new portable escape game
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Invitation to School of Magic
portable escape game
"You were always feeling like you were made for something special. And now you have a proof – the invitation from the School of Magic just arrived and the hidden world of wizardry is going to unfold.

But before you get enrolled – there is one more step left. The invitation itself is the entry exam. Will you pass it in 60 minutes or the doors to the School of Magic will stay closed for you?"

The world-famous theme is now breaking the boundaries of escape room and aiming to provide similar experience whereever your customer need it.

- 14 props
- fits inside the suitcase
- easily reproduced
- perfect for events (birthday parties, corporate events and exhibitions)
- etting you engage up to 80 players, split into groups of 6-8..
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Prison Break
portable escape game
"No one has ever escaped from this military prison. Now the enemy decided to blow it up with all the prisoners to cover the evidence of the war crimes. You have to do the opposite - to get inside and neutralize the charges in order to save the lives of captured soldiers"

The authentic make-believe model of the prison with 60-minutes of portable escape game experience and one big bomb to disarm.

- 14 props
- fits inside the car trunk
- innovative concept
- perfect for events (birthday parties, corporate events and exhibitions)
- great for teambuilding
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portable escape game
" The "Black Pearl" crew is cursed. You can set fot on land only once every 17 years and this is your only chance to remove the curse - return the coins from the damned chest, every single one. But after so many years - no one will remember how many there were and how exactly they loked like.

Pave the way to the mysterious island, solve the puzzles and return the coins to the rightful owner to remove the curse. And remember - it's only 60 minutes until low tide. If you don't succeed in time, the next opportunity will be presented only in 17 years "

Portable escape game with wireless electronic props and astonishing design

- 30-minute experience for 6 players
- 8 puzzles (including wireless electronic props)
- fits inside the authentic pirate chest
- can be translated into any language
- perfect for events (birthday parties, corporate events and exhibitions)

! Can also be used as basis for your stationary pirate-themed escape room. Or both - imaging running escape rooms with top-level props and the opportunity to re-pack into the portable experience on demand in 10 minutes
30-60 minutes of fun
Escape game in a box is a 30-60 minute cooperative game where players solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues
Perfect fit for 4-20+ players
Each team is up to 8 players, up to 6 teams
can compete = 48 participants
Absolutely portable
Can be easily transported to customer's
event or outdoor session
Immersive experience
with authentic requisite to make players actually believe
PROMO VIDEO Prison Break
PROMO VIDEO Invitation to School of Magic

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