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Dragon's Treasure escape room


Orcs, elves, dwarves and even humans are invited to take their part in the greatest battle that fantasy world has ever seen. The one and the only Ring has to be destroyed, but first the heroes need to escape the dragon's lair to reach the start of their journey in time.

– from 270 sqr feet (25 sqr m)
– 14 puzzles
– 6 players
What is included in this escape room:
Game design
With a detailed description of game walkthrough, puzzle list, setup instruction
Props and Puzzles
All the game items, participating in gameplay
Additional decoration elements for immersion
Every furniture item, participating in gameplay
Electricity plan
Wiring and other stuff
1-year support
After the room is open and operating
You can request this escape room with installation. Contact us for more information and let's move forward to create great things together!
Dragon`s Treasure
escape room with installation
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