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Built-in props VS Standalone puzzles
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If you ever made a renovation in your kitchen or just thought about a new fridge, you most probably understand the difference between the built-in furniture and the "normal" one. And while the built-in version surely has its own advantages, it definitely has at least one important shortcoming - it literally has to be "built-in" and properly installed. So once you decided to take that route - you will rather need to be a handy enough person yourself or hire someone, who is capable to take care of the installation instead of you. Or you can take a standalone unit, simply plug it in and enjoy your new fridge.

The same thing is true for escape room electronics as well - the props can designed to rather be built-in or standalone.
However, finding a reliable escape room prop installator (with both necessary experience and specific knowledge) is much harder than finding an installator for your new washing machine. Furthermore, some built-in props might be so complicated (intentionally or not) that only it's creator is capable to take care of their installation properly. This leads to additional expenses - paying for the installation on top of the escape room props themselves.
Is it fair? I'm not so sure about that and neither do escape room owners all over the world. The standalone escape room props solutions are trending up for the variety of reasons. No installation required is just one of them, while the ability to quickly turn your game mobile (if needed) is the other. Take those props to the local community event and help them impress the people and spread the word about your escape room business to attract new customers.
As an example - here are the couple of items from our new "Frankenstein" escape room project.
5 Wires Box

Players need to insert 5 wires into the correct ports - the secret compartment opens automatically.
Frankenstein Box
In stock
Players need to press the correct buttons simultaneously - the secret compartment opens and the audiofile is played.

These boxes are completely portable, each can be used as a standalone puzzle or the part of the full escape room game. And they only need one standard power supply (similar to the one you use to charge your phone) to operate.

Want to have one of these or know more about the trends in escape room game design? Drop us a line!

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