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Reset-free escape games
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As the owner of escape room business, you most probably played dozens of games yourself. And you surely read a lot of reviews - both negative and positive.
What was the most avoidable yet frustrating part of experience, which probably happened to you or your players a couple of times?
I'm pretty sure that we're the reset mishaps of some sort. The gamemaster forgot to close the chest or scramble the code on a lock? The important item was left at the plain sight instead of some hidden compartment? Previous group left some notes, which straight away give the answer to final puzzle?
All of this happens more frequently than you might think.

And while some of these occasions are attributed to sloppy GMs or sneaky players, the whole lot of them can't be eliminated altogether - GMs are human beings and make human errors from time to time.

Human beings are also really good at loosing small objects, which exist in abundance across escape rooms. How many spare keys, figurines, notes and other escape room supplies are you forced to have? And how often it still comes a bit short on those supplies Saturday evening?

Pro-tip: Surprising, but fact - escape room business does not have to be such a pain. Reset errors are no longer a problem with reset-free game designs!
Reset-free games. How does it work?
During years of work in escape room experience and dozens of escape rooms created we developed a database of puzzles, some of which fit the reset-free concept. Of course, not all of them blend together seamlessly, so putting together some nice and tight scenario, while being limited to only using reset-free solutions took quite an effort from our game designers and play testers.

Right now we are proud to present the first 2 of them - in different themes and styles. Download a preview to decide between all-thing-digital package (990$) and the complete turnkey option (14990$).
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