40 blog ideas for your Escape Room
in 2019

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I know. It's the last thing on your mind: blog content. As an escape room owner, who has the time or inclination to find two hours a week to write that darn blog post? Let alone think about content ideas?

Plus, isn't content dying? Dead…? Well, not really! Content isn't really dead…
Let's just say it has metamorphosized.
Pro-tip: Forget about inconspicuously stuffing your blog post with keywords like "best escape room in Prague" or "best escape room experience in Austin" and hoping to be rewarded with Google's gold.

That kind of content marketing has shed its skin only to turn into something you – as an escape room owner – are very familiar with.
Content marketing has become storytelling. Content today is about telling stories that transcend your brick and mortar universe.

Content today is about transmediatic stories that capture your clients' imagination in all your digital properties – in Instagram, in Twitter, in Facebook, in Snapchat, on your website, and of course, on your blog.

And you, escape room owner, have a wonderful advantage! You are a born storyteller! You create fascinating universes! You live in a fantasy world people actually pay to immerse themselves in!

So, forget about click-baiting, paid links, keyword stuffing and all those other terrifying SEO practices that will have your customers run for their life…

And think story. Think about unveiling your universe one piece of content at a time. Don't know where or how to start? I hope the following suggestions will inspire you to start translating all those magical stories you've already created to the digital screen!
40 blog content ideas for your Escape Room to keep customers fascinated throughout 2019!
1. New Escape room at X! This is where we got our inspiration from!

2. New Escape room at X! Meet the characters in our story!

3. New Escape room at X! We know you'd love the setting behind it! (Talk about Chicago 1920s, Berlin, 1980s, International Space Station 2050, etc...or whatever your setting is about)

4. You won't believe the amount of work involved in creating our last Escape Room!

5. Some of the mistakes I made in building my last Escape Room (tell readers about your failures as business owners, it makes you human!)

6. The weirdest things happen when you are an Escape Room Owner (tell readers all the funny things that happen in your day to day as an ER owner)

7. The peculiar life of an ER biz owner (odd experiences only escape room owners have in their day to day life)

8. This is how I went from 0 to game master! (Your story and fascination with escapism)

9. Throw different quizzes to your readers related to the theme of your room

10. These are the life hacks I've learned as an ER owner

These are some of the best Escape Books I've read so far (you might want to mention my new and super fun Everett's Portal: Interactive Escape Book and even sell it at your reception while you are at it!)

12. A day in the life of an Escape Room owner

13. Want to meet our record holder? (Interview your latest record holder)

14. Survey your clients about their preferences in puzzles, challenges, stories, decoration, use of actors, VR, etc. and publish the results. It will make them feel involved in your room creation.

15. Meet the X ER team! (Showcase your team, newest member, room creator), etc.

16. Try our Spotify playlist for brain power!
17. Share your successes – from simple day to day wins to important awards!

18. Coming to visit us at X ER? Make sure you go through this checklist! (Create a helpful checklist for customers before they come to your ER)

19. Write a fun post about Dos and Don'ts of an ER participant (don't make it too instructional, add a little humor to make it lighter for them!)

20. These are the questions ER customer should be asking owners but never do! (List of FAQs nobody asks, and you've learned to be very important for their experience)

21. I wish I had known these ten things when I started my ER business (create a list of the top 10 things you wish you knew when you started)

22. Want to know a little more about the history of ERs in X town?

23. These are the super important insights I have learned in the past year as an ER owner!

24. A list of funny quotes or memes about ERs and ER players

25. You won't believe… (Anything unique or funny happened at the office this week?)

26. Curious to see what goes on behind the scenes of an ER?

27. Start a challenge for your audiences to participate in your blog and social media platforms
Pro-tip: No, I didn't mention your seasonal content because I'm sure you know all about that! Plus, we want to move beyond your usual Xmas and Father's Day stories.
As an escape room owner, you're creating fascinating stories every single day. Human stories… Interactive stories… Stories your customers want to read about. So, share them!
28. Talk about ER related movies, theatre performances, etc.

29. Introduce your actors and tell a story about them,

30. What are the biggest trends in the ER industry at the moment? Prepare yourself for X!

31. This happened in my Escape room and has me really frustrated. What do you think? (Talk about something that has frustrated/enraged/made you happy/etc. recently)

32. Write an open letter to somebody about an experience, an idea, a character in history, etc…

33. What are you particularly passionate about within your industry?

34. Myth vs Fact of visiting/managing an ER

35. This is the type of customer email that most frustrates me. You'll understand why.

36. Talk about your company's history: is it a family business? Two friends? …

Talk about the charities or organizations you support and why

38. Any company updates worth sharing with your followers? Launches? Expansions? New technology? Etc…

39. Talk about your new launch: how it all came about, the inspiration, the story, the design, the experience…

40. Have you ever wondered what's the fitness routine of an ER owner?
About the Author
Besides being a mad escape room enthusiast, Sydney has been a transmediatic storyteller and copywriter for over a decade. She is the founder of Coco Station, a web design, copywriting and videography multilingual agency specialised in the escape industry. She is the author of Everett's Portal: Interactive Escape Book. She travels constantly between Australia and Europe discovering new escape experiences and meeting new clients.
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