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Escape room promotional photos
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How do you showcase your escape room
visual awesomeness?
Three years ago escape rooms were all about puzzles and mystery. Rooms were small and simple and people were not giving enough care about the appearance - the whole experience was almost completely puzzle-centric.

As time goes by - the arms race between the escape rooms never stops. Those who want to be ahead of competition invest more and more in tangible things - set design, decorations and elaborated special effects. And that does give the edge against competitors.
Pro-tip: You can no longer just say that your escape room is cool, you must have an undeniable proof to back it up.

And while the puzzles themselves cannot be shared beforehand, the visual part of the experience is the only key to convincing players that your escape room business is worth their hard-earned money.
For some companies (especially those, who are in business for several years already), customer reviews can do the trick. But what if you are the new one, struggling to catch up with already established competitors? You go for the visual proof, displaying the quality of your work and the awesomeness of the experience you are going to provide.

Some may say that escape rooms are still about mystery, that not-knowing-whats-inside can be a driving motive. It can be, on some occasions. But usually, the anticipation, the visualization of the upcoming fun at least doubles it. Just remember yourself planning a vacation - will you pick a hotel without photos? Or will you pick the most gorgeous one (within the available budget) and start daydreaming of vacation asap?
How do you make post-game photos?
While the promotional photos can be deciding factor for many escape room players (as an escape room fanatic myself, I'll never even consider playing a game before having a sneak peek), there is another corresponding point of discussion:

How do you make post-game photos?

Press wall is (or more likely was) sort-of an industry standard for escape room postgame photos. Players stand across the wall, which carries a huge logo of your company, they receive a photo and... that is much less exciting than it possibly can be. Such a press wall photo carries no direct memories of the recent experience, it's not visually or emotionally connected with the players. And they usually have little to none intention for sharing it.

On the over hand, there is an option to make a postgame photo directly inside the escape room. And it's not just much more valuable for players, due to carrying their emotions from the game. It's also a quite powerful (and free) marketing tool, as players really do love sharing such photos on Instagram and Facebook. You show the visuals of your room -> players get a more valuable postgame photo -> you get advertisement for free.

The intention to share emotions quickly dies down, so make sure you send those photos really fast (like immediately or at least within 24 hours if you would like to retouch them).

If you can't send such photos quickly - it's totally ok to let gamemaster use one of the player's phone (if they want) to make a picture they will be able to share immediately.

And, of course, make sure the photos showcase impressive decorations, but not the exact solutions of the puzzles.

What's your opinion about escape room photos? Do you like ours? ;)
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