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Escape rooms souveniers as a marketing weapon
(time of reading 3 min)
Though operating an escape room often feels significantly other than any "normal" business, some of the common business rules still apply.

One of them: customer retention is always cheaper than customer attraction. Once a player visited your escape room it would be much easier to get him back rather than get a new one right off the street.

However we are not going to talk about the reasons why opening just 1 escape room doesn't make sense (it just seems to be nearly obvious). Instead let's focus on some of the options purposed to bring the customer back to play another game. Various marketing activities and loyalty programs may vary quite a lot due to each escape room specifics, but almost every escape room we've been to (at least in Europe) is using one simple yet reliable trick – giving out some collectable souvenirs to players right after the game.
Sometimes slightly improving the overall impression is the case, but once the escape room owner takes a thoughtful approach – it's possible to turn cheap souvenirs into the powerful marketing weapon. Let's just take a quick overview of the most common options.
Rubber bracelets
  • Inexpensive option popularized by Claustrophobia
  • Can be collected (and are actually pursuit by the most loyal customers, though that's quite rare occasion)
  • Can be worn on public (yet again, rarely happens)
  • Often got thrown away or lost (as there is no clear way to storage them)
  • Mostly same as bracelets
  • A bit harder to los
Fridge magnets
  • Everyday reminder (as people use their fridge at least once per day)
  • Almost impossible to occasionally lose
  • Can be shown to guests
  • Can't be shown at public
Fridge magnets puzzle
  • Same as fridge magnets
  • Creates some "unfinished business" for customer, tempting to get missing parts as soon as possible
  • Creates some "unfinished business" for customer, tempting to get missing parts as soon as possible
  • Can be lost or damaged
  • Nearly zero possibility of being shown on public (unlike previous options)
  • Great corresponding with escape room theme
  • More expensive

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