Reset in escape rooms
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Every escape room owner has at least once (most probably much more often) experienced reset difficulties.

Wrong item in the wrong place, doors not properly closed due to the hurry, customers occasionally "borrowing" small objects (like keys, clues and so on). And every little mistake may lead to a (completely) ruined experience for the next group of players. If the game was disrupted by a wrong reset – there will be no opportunity to replay an escape room game due to its one-and-done specifics.
Skilled escape room owners have developed their own tricks to minimize a "human factor" during the reset, including:

  • Using a detailed reset scripts for game masters
  • Asking the players to check their pockets for small items right before they leave
  • Duplicating and triplicating every small object, important for escape room game flow
  • Installing a control panel, registering the state of every door and every electronic puzzle
However, problems still occur from time to time and there is no real way to completely eliminate then. Or is there?

Another well-known aspect of escape room reset is time. Not just the reset creates (sometimes significant) time gaps between game sessions – it also may force to have more employees on location. Both of these circumstances draws money from escape room owners – decreasing maximum amount of games per day and increasing salary.

Seeing that kind of issue happening over and over in every escape room all over the world we decided to find a cure. And it looks like we did :)
How is that possible?

  • No important game items are required to be moved or relocated. In fact they can't be relocated at all
  • Everything is automated. All the doors and drawers are open automatically and closed the same way
  • Control panel provides an opportunity to check the state of every door and drawer to make sure they are locked. It also provides a game master an ability to reset the whole room (or/and every single puzzle individually) pressing exactly 1 button
  • As the players finished the first part of the game, they are leaving room-1 and proceed to room-2. Game master presses the button and voila – room-1 is ready to invite the next group of players
Do you want escape room game design, which requires zero reset between the games?

And we wanted it, too. That's why our brand new "Space Pirates" escape room game design was created - it requires zero reset between the games and even provides an opportunity to let the second group start their game before the first one even finished.

Drop us a line and be the first one to implement this revolutionary escape room game design!
Space Pirates

Sci-fi adventure designed specifically to cure one of the escape room owners' most annoying headaches – long setup between the games. It also provides an opportunity to let the next group inside once the previous one proceeded to the second room.