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Alice in the Mirror Land
Moscow, Russia
Matthew is a really talented magician, who already gather a significant recognition around the globe (i mean really, all the way from States to China).

His intention was opening a magic-themed escape room back at his hometown at Orcas, WA.
Orcas is a small place (and actually an island on top of that), so except for some summertime tourist flow the potential customer base was fairly limited, which meant we needed to keep costs low to avoid overinvestment.

Our "Secret Chamber" escape room was a perfect fit in terms of both theme and budget.

We started to discuss the project at the end of April, made some necessary arrangement, expanding the game to be played in 2 chambers and add some electronic props to make gameplay even more impressive.

The production started in May and by the end of June, the packages were delivered.
In July the room open for customers.

April 23th
start of the project
May 12th
start of the production
June 17th
shipment of the last part of the package
June 27th
delivery of the package
July 20th
escape room opening

This Harry Potter's World escape room version features a couple of electronic props, hidden transition between the chambers, lots of unorthodox puzzles, keeping the players on their toes.

And magic wands, of course - several different occasions to actually use them and feel the real magic.
Production of "Secret Chamber" package is mostly centered around woodwork (lots of it) to create an authentic experience.

The magic wands are created with metal bars inside (so literally unbreakable).

Many other decoration elements were also hand-crafter including the huge owl in a cage.
3D-visualization of escape room
Work in progress
And that's a result
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