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Museum Heist escape room scenario

Museum Heist- classic escape room fulfilled with quality electronic props.

- Inspired by "Ocean's Eleven"
- Suitable for beginners.
- Successfully installed in Prague in November 2015 and received positive reviews from Czech customers.

What is included in this scenario:
Immersive story to help players completely delve into the game
Step-by-step guide on how to proceed through the game
Floor plan
Layout to organize your venue the best possible way
Props checklist
Full list of included game items
Furniture checklist
Full list of what's necessary to supply beyond the props
Reference pictures
Concept art pictures and/or real life photos of functioning escape room
Get a preview of this escape room scenario for free
You will get the logline, full 3D-visualization, puzzle line, floor plan, props and furniture checklist.
I choose A+ Props because:
  • Full range of services
    Scenarios, puzzles, electronic props, complete room designer and upgrade of existing games
  • Shipping worldwide
    We have already worked in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Pakistan, Greece and Ireland. Worldwide shipping.
  • Professional consulting
    We have already constructed 20+ escape rooms and we are willing to share our experience with you. We offer professional consulting at any project phease.
  • Flexibility
    We provide a variety of plug-and-play solutions and can also design any elecronic prop based on your idea and within a budget