Create your own escape room business team
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Probably one of the biggest advantages of relatively escape room business is lack of necessity to employ huge staff to operate it. And It is important to understand that because your team is not large, every employee has a significant effect on your project.

People from this checklist could be either employed, work with you as a contractor or just be included in your phone's contact list.
1. Game designer

Your escape room game design is the core of your business which determines a huge amount of concepts, budget, marketing policy, target audience etc.

There are two ways to create one – try to do it by yourself or hire a professional to do that. More on pros and cons on do-it-yourself or order from experienced contractor you can find in our dedicated article

2. Lawyer

It is usually necessary to consult or hire a lawyer for some time while preparing the grand opening of your escape room business. This allows you to safely register your business and to elude any potential legal challenges. It would be wise to keep the lawyer's contacts at hand, as legal problems can sometimes pop out all of a sudden.

3. Accountant

You can not run your business without paying taxes and keeping your books intact, so this is absolutely necessary to do. Carefully study your country's taxes legislation – your business being small- or medium-sized is usually eligible for tax deduction for a period of time, if there is some available.
4. Interior designer

Designer can make use of every square meter of your location, create an impressive reception zone and calculate the cost of renovation along with advising which materials to use during it which could be very useful.

5. Constructors

They will take on renovation duties; check with your lawyer how to exclude the possibility of legal consequences in case of accidents during their work.

6. Electrician

Electrician's services could be of use if your escape room contains some of electronic props – both on the stages of preparation&construction and operating.

7. Decorator

You can turn to decorator's services in two situations: you need your props or escape room and location's furniture or even location itself look corresponding to its theme or you need to fix something of the above if it does not look good enough (for example, because of long-term use).

8. Handy-man

It is very useful to have a contact of such a professional, who could fix any little issues, including fixing something broken, plumbing or simply putting back a nail into the wall.
9. Designer

His services might be used in a variety of ways: creating brand identity, shaping the form of promotional materials, creating the uniform models if need be etc.

10. Web-designer

You can opt to use a web-designer's services in case you are not planning to use do-it-yourself services for your website and ready-to-go booking systems.

11. Marketing manager

Escape room business is nothing without the customers. Marketing specialist helps you to attract them by web-advertising, offline activities and so on.

12. Escape room game masters

Game masters welcome the customers and look after the course of the game, helping the players if there is such necessity. Their other important duty (which could be transferred to the administrator as well) is to remind the players about their booking beforehand and overall management of the booking system. They are usually employed on permanent basis.

13. Location administrator

The administrator oversees all the processes at the location and is responsible directly to the owner. You can discard this position and monitor the process by yourself.

14. Сleaner

You can hire a cleaner on permanent basis or use various cleaning services.
Pro-tip: and of course, there is you – the owner – but your role and circle of operating is absolutely up to you. You can spend a whole lot of time in your location or decide to delegate as much as possible, both ways of running your business are viable and largely depend on circumstances.
As the escape room business is very specific with a lot of details to consider, we suggest to turn to professionals' services while building an room, especially if you have no experience in the field.

As an escape room supplier, we can offer you proven escape room scenarios, complete escape rooms with door-to-door delivery, or even escape rooms with installation for your place.

Don't know which option is better for you? Or do you just have some questions about how to start your own escape room business?
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