Escape CUBES

100% ready to play escape room with wall, wiring, props, puzzles and decorations included. 2 pairs of hands, 2 screwdrivers and 2 hours - all you need to fully assemble this escape room cube and start your own business wherever you want.

6 different escape cubes to choose
  • Ultra fast installation
    Two screwdrivers and two hours after unpacking - that's how long it takes to assemble your fully operational escape cube
  • Reliable structure
    It's solid and safe (not a tent) - players can lean on walls and whole cube is as reliable as a small building
  • Business ready to start
    All you need is a small space to place the cube and you can start your own business. No need for expensive rent, no need for renovation investment
  • Shopping mall-friendly
    Fits perfectly where common escape rooms can't fit. Place your shiny escape room cube in a shopping mall to grab the attention of thousands new customers
What is included in escape cubes:
  • Game design
    With a detailed description of game walkthrough, puzzle list, setup instruction
  • Props and Puzzles
    All the game items, participating in gameplay
  • Decorations
    Additional decoration elements for immersion
  • Walls/floor/furniture
    Fully operational and decorated escape cube
  • Control panel
    For game master to remotely turn on/off any electronic puzzle or electromagnetic lock
  • 1-year support
    After the room is open and operating
Escape cube in progress
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