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2 Games in 1 Room

Unique concept of 2 different escape games placed in 1 location - sharing the exterior decor, but using separate lighting, sounds, props and special effects. Save twice on room construction, rental costs and increase the income from each escape room player group.

3 different dual-games to choose
Ghost House + Sherlock Holmes
dual escape room
Combination of detective "Sherlock Holmes" escape game and mystical "Ghost House":
- from 230 sqr feet
- up to 6 players
- 7-days installation

Ghost House
Ghost House scenario inspired by various mystical movies. Features a couple of unexpected plot twists and lots of "wow-effects" aiming to create suspense and necessary amount of fear.

Sherlock Holmes
World-famous detective story based on Conan-Doyle's masterpieces.
Real investigation. Classic atmosphere. Sophisticated puzzles.
I408 + The Hangover
dual escape room
Combination of horror "1408" escape game and comedy "Hangover":
- from 250 sqr feet
- up to 6 players
- 7-days installation

There is a thin line between suspense and pure horror and this game is designed to excite those who love either one or another. Grim atmosphere of the cursed hotel room welcomes those who are courageous enough to challenge it.

Non-linear scenario.
Absolutely immersive.

The Hangover
Some parties are just too good to be remembered. Once the players find themselves in the unfamiliar hotel room, they have to restore what happened last night. One hour to find the ring, lost during the wildest bachelor party ever.

Wow-effects that will make you laught, not cry.
Perfect fit for bachelors parties and those who want to peek on them.
Three Hallows + Ring of the Lords
dual escape room
Fantasy heavyweight double-header - "Three Hallows" and "Ring of the Lords"
- from 380 sqr feet
- up to 8 players
- 7-days installation

Three Hallows
Magic is different for everyone - while some may see it as a parade of bright lights, the others expect to experience the clash with the Darkness itself. This escape room features the grimmest atmosphere among the magic-themed games.

Ring of the Lords
The world-famous fantasy story was popular long before the wizards with magic wands arrive and it's still a best-seller amongst the escape room players. Granting both interesting and decorated setting, "Ring of the Lords" is taking an unexpected plot twist to the well-known story, guiding the players through elven palaces and dwarven mines
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Twice more games
Same amount of rented space now gives the opportunity to accommodate twice more players during the course of the week.
Unique concept
Exclusive and new for escape room market, special enough to attract players on their own. Would you ever choose a common escape room if you have a chance to play something rare and unique?
Lower the cost-of-attraction
Attracting a first-time customers is costly, convincing them to play second (and beyond) time is essentially free. Dual-game gives a second visit, which comes with less expenses than the first one
Smart business
Cut the expenses, increase the income. Dual-game escape rooms provide a faster return of investment and more stable business model.
Open 2 games in 1 room in 2 months:
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Day 25
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Day 40
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Installation starts
Day 50
2 escape rooms is ready
Players are welcome!

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