Dark Future
escape room

Welcome to the desert of The Real.
You are plugged off, you are exiting the Simulation you thought to be "the real world". Now you can see the actual reality, the planet conquered by the machines.
You are chosen to get to The Source, to the main computer that runs the Simulation. Will you shut it down? Or will you choose to re-make it in your own image?

- Story inspired by a famous film series
- Two worlds in one game: a dystopian reality and a mind-bending Simulation
- Multiple-choice ending: will you free humanity… or will you enslave it?

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all the digital and physical items needed for gameplay
Scenario for 60 min game
3D Venue Design
Wiring Plan
Spare Parts for Small Objects
Electronic Props
Game Multimedia
Audio Hints in 2 languages
Staff training session
6 Month of Warranty
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everything's possible! we are here to create escape room of your dreams!
Want to add extra puzzles or adjust existing? Want to make escape room bigger or smaller? Need additional WOW-effects? Want to make this escape room reset-free or add an actor in scenario?

Just describe us the idea, we will calculate terms and costs to provide the best-matching offer
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