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Sherlock Holmes
For Multiverse Escape Room
Florianopolis, Brazil
Sandro is a well-known indie-game developer and founder of Cyber Rhino Studios (check their awesome Gryphon Knight Epic game on PC, Mac, Xbox One or PS4 - it's just gorgeous).

From the very start he had a very clear concept on what experience he would like to provide for escape room players - the "time machine thing", mentally and physically transporting the players to another epoch for 60 minutes.
Florianopolis is a big city, but escape rooms had yet to become the part of the local entertainment scene, so Sandro was one of the pioneers on the vast and promising market.

I must admit, i always admire people bringing the escape rooms into masses at relatively new and unexplored markets.
We started to discuss the project in the middle of October and quickly came to the mutual conclusion that our Sherlock Holmes escape room will be a great choice for a wider audience.

One of the possible shortcomings was interaction with Brazilian customs and post services (who are known worldwide to be one of the most complicated to deal with), so we decided to go with a scenario and consulting services instead of the full room package.
Sandro received the scenario in a few days and started the process right out of the gate.

First-time construction of escape room and production of the props locally usually takes more time than ordering from a supplier, so the opening of the room was postponed until March. The result, however, was awesome as if we did it ourselves. Just check what the players say!

October 14th
start of the project
October 17th
scenario delivered
March 5th
escape room opening
"Sherlock Holmes" is one of our not-so-electronic escape rooms - it features a few wow-props to introduce the players how exciting and interactive the escape rooms can be, while the main part of the experience is centered around non-electronic parts.

The investigation nature of the story provides us with an opportunity to seamlessly integrate the authentic detective methods into players experience.
Production of "Sherlock Holmes" escape room includes various different techniques - there are almost equal parts of woodworking, accessory design, graphic design, printing, and CNC cutting.

Every individual task can surely be done locally, but delegating to professional team might save a lot of time on such wide-spread projects.

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