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Paris, France
Laurent was looking to open not just some horror room, but the scariest room in the city.

As long as he was aiming to open in Paris, quite a competitive market, it was essential to have USP (unique selling point) - the crystal-clear idea, which customers can describe in one sentence once they are asked: "what's special about this room".

The answer was - it's going to be the scariest escape room in Paris.
Horror escape rooms are well known for their ability to keep construction costs low - the maniac's lair, the abandoned warehouse, and similar locations don't usually require excessive decorating. In fact, sometimes the awfully-looking venue can be a perfect fit for a horror game (assuming to can put together a comfortable lobby, clean restrooms, and ok-ish gamemaster room).

Reasonable choice of theme allowed Laurent to invest more on elaborated electronic props, horror equipment, and perfectly realistic props to scare the hell out of players. The overall cost of the props package will all the decoration elements was 9990$
We started the discussion of the project in the first part of April, the scenario and game designed were adjusted to fit a really interesting and specific venue.

The escape room package was sent at the start of May and
in June Laurent already started the testing games and final adjustments at the place.
April 6th
start of the project
April 22th
scenario adjusted, finished and the production started
May 19th
escape room package sent
June 7th
escape room package delivered
June 30th
official room opening
Game design for the horror rooms is always a tricky task as fear usually complicates a thinking process for the players.
Medium-difficulty puzzles can get even a smart group stuck because of the dark atmosphere and their inability to focus on the task.
This is the reason why most of the tasks in horror escape rooms are simple (yet, still interesting) - we need the players to keep moving as it's essential for their experience and adrenaline level.
Production of the "Butcher" escape room was mostly split into 3 unequal parts running simultaneously:

  • our decorators were working on realistic body parts involved in several puzzles
  • our woodworking team was creating several themed furniture items
  • our chief engineer was preparing and installing several tricky electronic props, combining horror effect and actual puzzling substance
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