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Wizard`s Cup
escape room
For London Escaped
London, United Kingdom
Jonathan is the seasoned business owner, who already had success in various different markets. He noticed the growing trend for escape rooms in London and seized the opportunity with opening one of the biggest escape room locations in the capital of Great Britain.

His unique approach with targeting as much corporate booking as possible quickly got his business rolling and the increasing demand for big-group games (for 8+ players) instantly made London Escaped one of the most desired entertainment spots in London.

After working with several different escape room suppliers, Jonathan decided to stick with A+ Props for several more rooms. One of which - the "Wizard's Cup" - we are going the present now.
London is a very competitive market with both high prices for players and high business costs (including crazy lease prices). You simply can go with a shoestring budget into this mark - it will be literally like bringing a stick to a gunfight
At the very same time - keeping costs reasonable is essential for business to breakeven and stay afloat. At the end of the day even the Holywood-level investment level will not matter at all if the business can't cover those spendings.

"Wizard's Cup" is one of our top-notch creations, yet still being very reasonably priced comparing to the other suppliers. Thoughtful approach to construction and installation process provided us the opportunity to keep the overall budget up to 30% less than competition.

We started the discussion in November and quickly came to agreement. Package production started in the middle of the month.
The first stages of construction process started at the start of December, while the interior decor and installation process took part in January.

Holidays took more than a week from the overall timeframe, but we all need holidays in this time of the year, right?

With walls construction from scratch, wiring, interior decor and installation of our props "Wizard's Cup" escape room was ready for players on the 20th of January.

November 25th
start of the project
December 4th
construction at facility starts
December 23th
holiday break
January 5th
interior decor and installation starts
January 20th
room ready for players
With our "School of Magic" bestseller being recognized as quite a hard game for adults (while children often cruised through it with better results), we were aiming to create less challenging game and introduce some soft action elements.

The game ended up to be a perfect mix of various technological wow-effects, immersive gameplay and the actual magic battle scene, where you will require your dexterity and reflexes as much as your wits.
Most of the props and decoration elements were produced at our production facility and shipped to London for the installation.

The interior work included the actual super-sturdy stone-wall effect, which is a massive upgrade over any plastic panels many escape rooms use to imitate stones.
3D-visualization of escape room
Work in progress
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