Open your own escape room
inspired by Wizard World
Proven and family-friendly themes
Hello, escape room owners!
In 2015 we opened our first escape room in Prague, Czech Republic. We were young, we made some mistakes and we were learning from what we did, from the challenges we faced and success we obtained.

3 years later we are the leading escape room production company, dedicated to help those who are just making first steps in this wonderful industry. Our mission is to make sure you successfully navigate through and avoid all potential problems and rookie mistakes. To make sure your escape room will open within the timeframe and budget you expect.

Escape room industry is rapidly evolving and new venues are popping up all over the globe. It's time for us to create something special together.
Our partners
Some of the projects we are proud of
I choose A+ Props because:
Floorplan, puzzles, layout - everything can be updated and adjusted to fit your exact location.
Door-to-door delivery
EMS door-to-door worldwide delivery. No tricky customs clearence, no overinflated costs for avia cargo.
Easy payments
PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union. You choose a convenient payment method. We prepare the necessary papers - invoice and contract.
Interested in my success
We want your business to be a living advertisement of our services. That's why we always stay in touch to help you open, operate and constantly upgrade.