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Heritage escape room

The sudden and mysterious death of an eccentric millionaire forced his potential heirs to hastily gather in a secluded mountain hotel to announce the "last will" of the deceased.
Each player gets a respective role to play and the whole team is playing not just against the room, but against the murderer they need to identify.

Innovative gameplay.
Collect the evidence to find the guilty party.
Play against your friends!

– from 200 sqr feet (19 sqr m)
– up to 6 players
What is included in this escape room:
Game design
With a detailed description of game walkthrough, puzzle list, setup instruction
Props and Puzzles
All the game items, participating in gameplay
Additional decoration elements for immersion
Every furniture item, participating in gameplay
Electricity plan
Wiring and other stuff
1-year support
After the room is open and operating
Get a preview of this escape room for free
You will get the logline, puzzle line, floor plan, props and furniture checklist.
Open your escape room in 2 months:
Day 1
Contract signed
First payment made
Blueprints delivered
Day 25
Escape room shipped
Second payment made
Day 40
Escape room arrives
Installation starts
Day 50
Escape room is ready
Players are welcome!
You can request this escape room with installation. Contact us for more information and let's move forward to create great things together!
escape room with installation
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